Design and Build Process


Balance, Rhythm, Proportion, Emphasis, Unity, Variety 


Space, Line, Form, Texture, Color 


House-Interiors is one of the premier providers of turn-key solutions in Florida and the Caribbean. True design and build, our architects, interior designers and contractors take your project from concept to finish. 

Phase 1: We start with thorough interviews and a review of images, completed projects and any other source material which will guide our concept development.  

Phase 2: Once we've determined the overall style and scope of the project, we assign the designer and project manager who are best suited for the project based upon their expertise and experience.  

Phase 3: We present design ideas, concept boards, project budgets and alternatives. We move from there to finished concept boards and renderings, 3D walk-throughs, color samples, textiles, and all materials that will come together to create the space.  

Phase 4: Upon agreement to design, materials, and contract, we quickly secure all necessary approval letters from associations and building permits from local government. The project team of project manager, designer and contractor oversee the project from beginning to end to ensure that the finished product is precisely what was promised. We have had very successful projects in Florida and the Caribbean.  

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